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We're Evaluation Services, Inc. and we are experts in global stock and bond valuations and capital change reporting since 1985. We help you minimize the possibility of an audit by enabling you to submit ready-to-file reports, accessing over 4 million current and historical listed stocks and bonds prices, from 1968.(See Completed Coverage) . You can find a complete list of our services here

Whether your needs call for global stock and bonds valuations, capital change reporting, or cost basis calculations, ESI has several ways to submit your request:

APPRAISE.Windows: Download the latest version of our Desktop software and work online, completing reports on your own computer.

APPRAISE.Cloud: After months of development, we are proud to introduce the only Internet product available for date of death, alternate, gift tax, and distribution valuations - APPRAISE.Cloud. You can create a new/access prior valuations from any computer with Internet access. All you need to generate an instant valuation is a credit card or account number, CUSIP®/Ticker, and the shares/par value.You can email completed valuations, in PDF format, without leaving the application. This is a pay-as-you-go service with no recurring fees. There are no downloads and we do not store your credit card information.

APPRAISE.ASP: APPRAISE ASP (Application Service Provider) is a Software as a Service solution. It allows you full access to our complete software package with one simple click of a button. The only requirements are a web browser, username, password, and download of a Citrix applet. (Request New Account Now) All portfolio information is stored on your computers.

APPRAISE.E-Mail/Fax: APPRAISE.Mail/Fax: Send your valuation request via fax or email. Print out our order form, fax it or email it, and let our dedicated professionals process it promptly.

For quick, accurate, and economical stock and bond valuations and capital change reporting, no company does it better, faster, and for less than Evaluation Services, Inc. We give you access to all the tools, information, and professional support you need to increase your profits and serve your customers better.

Appraise's Securities Coverage

Appraise offers a broad range of global securities and related financial data from all major markets and exchanges. Evaluation Services collects, edits, maintains and delivers global data on more than 4 million securities, as well as evaluations for more than 3.6 million municipal bonds.

In addition, Evaluation Services maintains proprietary data for numerous other issues. Our complete coverage is as follows:

Security Starting
Major Exchanges (NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, NYBE, Regionals) 1969
Unlisted Corporate Bonds 1975
Medium Term Notes 1987
High Yield (Junk) Bonds 1985
U.S. Government and Agency Obligations 1972
Stripped Coupon Bonds 1987
Municipal Bonds Past 5 years
International Stocks and Bonds 1975
UIT - Unit Investment Trust 1986
ADR -American Depository Receipts 1992
Series E, EE, and H Savings Bonds 1970