Evaluation Services, Inc.

As a provider of securities pricing information, Evaluation Services, Inc. is committed to assuring you the most comprehensive and accurate securities pricing data available.

Our first responsibility is to help you satisfy the reporting requirements of the Internal Revenue Service. Towards that end we strive as a team for unerring accuracy, so you can submit your reports with full confidence that they are error-free.

Further, we are constantly at work expanding our range of specialty pricing databases and adding vital detail to Appraise reports. We are also fully committed to customizing our services to your specific needs. Every professional at Evaluation Services, Inc. stands ready to provide personalized service designed to maximize your productivity.

We invite you to take a close look at the total package of Appraise services and value. The closer you look, the more you'll understand why Appraise is the recognized industry leader.

"Evaluation Services, Inc. provides PNCAdvisors with a long-term solution for valuing securities for estate and gift tax purposes. By using their internet product, APPRAISE.ASP, we have increased productivity, reduced our reliance on our information technology group, insured our business continuity and reduced our disaster recovery exposure. These benefits have more than offset the cost of using APPRAISE.ASP."

Robert F. Milspaw
Senior Vice President & Director
Trust Tax Group PNCAdvisors

"The Estate Administration Department at Harris Trust and Savings Bank in Chicago has been using Appraise at Evaluation Services for many years. We are pleased with the service, but most importantly, we are pleased with their tech and back-up support."

Andrea Eisen
Estate Administration
Harris Trust and Savings Bank