Appraise.ASP (Start Appraise.ASP Now)

Appraise. ASP (Application Service Provider) is a Software as a Service solution. It allows you full access to our complete software package with one simple click of a button. The only requirements are a web browser, username, password, and download of a Citrix applet. (Request New Account Now) All portfolio information is stored on your computers. There is no software installation necessary, so you can quickly enter, process, and print Portfolios as if the program existed on your desktop. The Appraise application will be expertly hosted & maintained on our secured servers, while for your convenience, your portfolios will be stored on your desktop computer or file server.
This technology not only eliminates the task of installing but it also eliminates the time-consuming task of upgrading. With ASP, Evaluation Services, Inc. can add new enhancements and apply any necessary "fixes" without the need to release new versions of our traditional software package. You will always be running the latest version from our servers.

Appraise.ASP's startup window Once you login, you can run Appraise.ASP over the Internet.
From the Appraise.ASP main menu you have access to these features:

Dividend Reinvestor: Calculates Cost Basis and Capital Gains for Securities in Dividend Reinvestment Plans.

In addition, you can run Appraise and create the following reports:

Trust, Estate, & Gift Tax: IRS 706, 709, State Death Tax, Inheritance Tax, and Unitrust Valuations.
EZPrice: Security Pricing without Accrued Income.
Basis$earch: Securities Cost Basis Information.
Capital Changes/ Issue Research: Stock Dividend and Split History, Capital Changes, Ticker Symbols, & CUSIP® Numbers.
Appraise's main menu
Appraise.ASP is great for:
  • Companies implementing disaster recovery plans.
  • Companies who want to reduce the burden on their IT departments.
  • Clients who want software access but do not have the hardware to accommodate the application.
  • Employees who have limitations on what applications are installed to their workstations.
  • Anyone who wants to run Appraise. No software, no install, no upgrades necessary!
For more information on this great technological new service or to request a username and password, please Contact Us. To learn about Appraise.ASP low fees, see our Fee schedule .