• Appraisal Economics provides independent valuations of closely held businesses, complex securities, options, intangible assets, real estate, and machinery & equipment. Our work complements that of Evaluation Services, Inc. by providing values for non-public securities and assets. We provide services internationally to the business, financial, and legal communities, including many of the world's largest corporations, small family businesses, government agencies such as the Department of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service, and numerous legal and accounting firms that represent businesses, both large and small.

  • Take the confusion out of this complex form. BNA 706 Preparer automatically adds the required schedules to the return based on the data you provide, and handles virtually all interrelated computations.

  • EstateWorks 2005 is a web-based, single-entry solution that offers comprehensive case management, state-specific task management, and automated document generation for trust and estate professionals. In addition to integrating with the leading estate tax and court accounting software, it is customized to meet the unique needs of private client, estate planning, and estate settlement professionals. EstateWorks provides improved risk management, greater productivity, and enhanced communication, and, when used as a docket management system, can significantly reduce malpractice premiums.

  • FASTER Systems provides Court Accounting, Estate Tax and Gift Tax Software and Preparation Services to help today's trust and estate professional meet their compliance requirements.

  • Evaluation Services Inc. is a member of Interactive Data's alliance program. Interactive Data is a leading provider of financial market data, analytics and related solutions, For more information, please visit

  • Thomson Reuters features software and service solutions for trust and estate administration, including: Accounting, 706 for Federal and State Inheritance/Estate Tax, 1041 for Federal and State Fiduciary Income Tax, 709 for Federal Gift Tax, and zCalc Estate Planning Software. With the Fiduciary Practice System (FPS) from Thomson Reuters, you can produce professional, accurate and timely court accountings, reports and filings for 706, 709 and 1041. The Thomson Reuters portfolio also includes the zCalc ToolBox Suite, an estate planning software designed to make estate planning as easy as 1,2,3. In addition, Thomson Reuters also offers court accounting preparation.

  • HeirSearch research experts work with executors, administrators, trustees, fiduciaries, bank and trust officers, and their counsel to establish kinship for legal purposes. Since 1967, we've used forensic genealogy, an analytical research method, to successfully complete tens of thousands of worldwide searches. Our five-pillar approach ensures reasonable, non-percentage-based fees, authorized search services, a 97% success rate, documented court-ready reports and worldwide service.