Download Appraise.Windows

Please note that you must be a current customer in order to able to use Appraise.Windows or Appraise.ASP. If you are not a customer, you need to obtain a valid login and password by calling us at (888)-ESI-4706 or opening an account now.

If you are a current customer proceed to the installation instructions. Installation instructions:
  • Download Appraise.Windows by clicking here. You should save the file to your hard drive. Make sure to take note of the directory you have saved it in. We suggest C:\Temp.
  • Double-click on the downloaded file, "Appraise.Windows.Exe". This will extract into a new directory "Appraise.Windows", installation instructions and check list follows.
  • Navigate to the "Appraise.Windows" directory and double-click to open. Two folders were extracted; "Appraise" and "IcaClient". Appraise contains our most recent version. IcaClient contains communication software.
  • If you already have the Citrix Program Neighborhood installed on your machine skip to step 5. Otherwise, double-click on "IcaClient", select the method you wish to connect, Modem, or Web, then double-click Setup.exe.
  • Double-click on the Appraise folder, then double-click on Setup.exe.
  • If you are a current client, please call (201) 784-8500 x 107 to get the installation password. You can also request the password by email to TechSupport.
  • Download the Appraise User Manual here.