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Using our Appraise for Windows software, you can generate ready-to-file reports on millions of different securities, right from your own computer. The Appraise software, which is used to create new and store valued portfolios, resides on your computer or network. The pricing and dividend information required to complete the valuations exist on our database systems in New Jersey and is accessed by Appraise using a dial up modem or an Internet connection. Here is a list of the different types of valuations that you can do with Appraise from its Main Menu:

Appraise's main menu
Trust, Estate, & Gift Tax: IRS 706, 709, State Death Tax, Inheritance Tax, and Unitrust Valuations.
EZPrice: Security Pricing without Accrued Income.
Basis$earch: Securities Cost Basis Information.
Capital Changes/ Issue Research: Stock Dividend and Split History, Capital Changes, Ticker Symbols, & CUSIP® Numbers.

Appraise allows you to create and save Portfolios on your computer. You can then create an alternate date of death portfolio and, delete or add new securities. When you resubmit your portfolio for pricing, Appraise will only charge you for new added securities. Securities can be sorted by CUSIP® number, security type or alphabetically. In addition Appraise's IRS mode allows you to enter values from the taxpayers' return into the program (security value and dividends/accruals) and let it flag any differences on the report. Finally, if you prepare alternate valuations which have transactional activity between the date of death and alternate date, Appraise allows you to input 17 unique types. They are: called, cash, cash in lieu, distribution, exchange, fee, matured, merger, name change, redeemed, remark, reverse split, sold, spin off, split, transfer in, and transfer out. This feature follows Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

Appraise's portfolio entry window

You can view your portfolio before printing a hard copy. Appraise allows you to view each page one at a time, increase or decrease the size of the screen or print a specific page. See the different reports that Appraise generates. (Sample Reports)

Appraise's report window

When using Appraise, you can be confident that you are using a highly developed application, designed by an experienced team of programmers and professionals with a clear understanding of all pertinent IRS regulations.

For more information on this great technological service, please Contact Us. To learn about Appraise.Windows' low fees, see our fee schedule.
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